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Magical Racing
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Meet The Team

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The Founding Members of the Magical Racing Team are Jeffrey “Jeff” Feiler and Aaron Heria

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Jeff and Aaron are criminal defense attorneys. We practice in the State Courts in Florida and Federal Courts throughout the United States. Jeff also practices in the State of Colorado. Famous cases made into movies are “American Made” (Tom Cruise), “Pain and Gain” (Mark Wahlberg) and “El Chapo” (Alejandro Edda). The Feiler Law Office is in Miami, Florida and Jeff has been practicing for over 40 years.

When not standing up for the rights of those they defend, Jeff and Aaron have embarked upon their journey into the magical land of car racing. Both have owned cars with monstrous power including an 825 hp Supra, a Corvette Z06, several Porsches, and even a modified classic 260 Z.

To start our Magical journey, in June 2023 we begin with a stock 1999 MX-5 NB for Auto Cross and Road Tracks. The car’s suspension, brakes, air flow, tires are being upgraded and racing seats with harnesses being added. It already has a roll bar and a removable hard top. Phase 2 in July & August 2023 will add significantly more power to the engine and other upgrades including a 6-speed gearbox. Phase 3 in the autumn will include fender rolls, wider tires, a wrap to include our sponsors and other upgrades.

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The Story

1999 Mazda Miata NB

Introducing the magical Mazda Miata designed to dominate the race track and capture the essence of competitive spirit. This magnificent roadster, adorned with a removable OEM hard top, boasts a lowered stance and roll cage, enhancing cornering ability for an exhilarating drive and perfectly channeling the rebellious spirit of the Beatles. Beneath the hood lies the heart of a true champion—a 1.8L engine that roars with power and precision, harmonizing beautifully with the custom exhaust system that lets out an automotive symphony of melodies as you accelerate. With every rev, it's as if you're playing a guitar solo that echoes the unforgettable riffs from "Hey Jude" or "Twist and Shout." It's a performance that demands attention, a tribute to the musical legends that continue to inspire us. Whether you're cruising down Abbey Road or slaying the track, this Miata is the ultimate companion. Prepare to embark on a magical Miata adventure and let the road be your stage for a "Magical Mystery Tour" of unforgettable adventures.

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Woman with Racing Flags Outdoors
Woman with Racing Flags Outdoors

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